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Im not sure if its natural evolution or if im in a rut.  How i normally spend my free time is playing one of many video or table top games and i find myself un amused , bored so instead i find myself doing pretty much nothing on my days off.

i should add that most of my friends and family are either working a lot  and/or in a relationship , so hang outs, BBQ's etc.. seem to never comply with others schedules.

i Currently work as a  Over The Road  truck driver , and have very little home time / free time.  Ive been a Truck Driver ever since i left the US Army , main reason there was no civilian related occupation to what i did in the service.

its been a Good source of job stability , and Income.  Its just a very very lonely existence.  I keep wanting to find that Local Truck driving job that would allow me some form of a structured work schedule / days off so i could do things that ive been wanting to do for a long long time.

Id love to Learn to surf and go surfing on weekends , i want to get back into Hiking / Light mountain climbing , id enjoy getting back into the Gym and getting in great shape again.  Id also like to join a  MMA gym , not for fighting but for the cardio / the broad spectrum of combat knowledge  , and what it does for your confidence.

i really wish i could Find a Great Woman who understands me , knows how to be independent yet not distant from a close relationship , not controlling , very affectionate and loving.

I often joke that the type of woman im looking for is so rare that its like the mythical unicorn , it just doesn't exist ... God i hope im wrong , i hope to find her and have many years of enjoying life together , vacations etc..

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