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The state of Humanity

I write this knowing that my thoughts those ive pondered , examined theorized  are very capable of being flawed.

But please follow me down the Rabbit Trail a bit.

Humanity is losing itself , were forgetting whats truly important.  Life and Love should rule out , And to live life you cross paths of all the sheep in this world , there fake , they lie , deceive, they abuse , they harm....    We as people need to take off those mask , return to what is purist. 

Instead of  Harm , Help
Instead of Lie  , be truthful
Instead of being Deceptive , Show compassion.

Were losing ourselfs  the more we continue to  Overlook  Good qualities in Humanity and  Pursue  Negative Qualities.  Not only do we hurt ourselfs ,  we hurt others.   Who become jaded when bombarded by the Negative , Fake humans out  there.   Those that are Jaded become  One of those  Negative Fake Humans. 

And its a Vicious Circle !!

We have Forgotten how to Love , Truly Love !  

Husbands abuse , harm , cheat , lie and deceive  Wives
Wives abuse , harm , cheat , lie and deceive  Husbands

I Remember not to long ago , for me im talking back in the late 70's  Life was better.   This world was not rampant with  those wearing mask.

I Remember watching movies with my grandmother , of a time before i was born , the 40's and 50's  and it was far far better than it was in the 70's.

if you really think about it , the biggest differences  is how we interact with one another as  Humans.

Its might be to late to reverse the direction  Humanity is headed.

But maybe , just maybe its not to late to  change a few , to reach out for those listening to Return to a wholesome state , doing  Good for oneself and another.

Maybe ill meet some real Humans , one's that show compassion , Love , treat others how they wish to be treated.  

Maybe just as from  the 40's  till now,  how each person whom was jaded by the last person , slowly polluted humanity , like some kind of butterfly affect ....  till we ended up where we are now , and getting worse ... Where its Rare , hell ultra Rare to find a  Good Human Being anymore.

Maybe one person at a time,  that same butterfly affect can happen , maybe 50 years from now , it can be the reverse !!!  maybe it will be Ultra Rare to find a  Bad Human ??

Now im not a professional writer as the above clearly shows. 
Im merely a Good Human , hoping to some how run into Other  Good Humans !!

Note: the words Fake , or references to wearing a mask .. all refer to those humans that pretend to be something there not , tough guy , tough girl , stud , slut  , holy roller , philosopher  whatever there pretending to be.  There really not hard to recognize , they follow trends, do the cool things, own the SUV's because there neighbors , family or friends have them and its the  IN thing to do , or they own sports cars and put noisy mufflers on them , or they dress like those you see on TV  , hell they even act like those they watch on there favorite TV show.  Those are but a few ways to spot them.

Experience Project

Just a Short  rant about what ive noticed so far  about this site , well i should say the people visiting utilizing this site and how it makes me feel after the realization....

A lot of the people on this site are seriously fucked up in the head , i thought i had some issues but man there are so many  worse off than me.

I Came on this site to  blog  anonymously and get  advice on the things that i feel i need help on ... i think i have a relatively short list ... lets see 

  1. Need to find a Good Job Locally so i can have more free time

  2. Need to find a Good Woman

  3. Need to work on Self Esteem

  4. Need to Work on Confidence

  5. Need to Start the Rest of my Life with the above found Good Woman

I see so many hurting souls on here and it makes me feel uncomfortable not because im weird'ed  out , but because its in my nature to want to help, or want to try and help.  i should say i feel Overwhelmed  that would be a correct way to express what im noticing.

I Both need and Wish to Give ... Advice , Help , Comfort , Friendship ....

Ramblings of a Man

Im not sure if its natural evolution or if im in a rut.  How i normally spend my free time is playing one of many video or table top games and i find myself un amused , bored so instead i find myself doing pretty much nothing on my days off.

i should add that most of my friends and family are either working a lot  and/or in a relationship , so hang outs, BBQ's etc.. seem to never comply with others schedules.

i Currently work as a  Over The Road  truck driver , and have very little home time / free time.  Ive been a Truck Driver ever since i left the US Army , main reason there was no civilian related occupation to what i did in the service.

its been a Good source of job stability , and Income.  Its just a very very lonely existence.  I keep wanting to find that Local Truck driving job that would allow me some form of a structured work schedule / days off so i could do things that ive been wanting to do for a long long time.

Id love to Learn to surf and go surfing on weekends , i want to get back into Hiking / Light mountain climbing , id enjoy getting back into the Gym and getting in great shape again.  Id also like to join a  MMA gym , not for fighting but for the cardio / the broad spectrum of combat knowledge  , and what it does for your confidence.

i really wish i could Find a Great Woman who understands me , knows how to be independent yet not distant from a close relationship , not controlling , very affectionate and loving.

I often joke that the type of woman im looking for is so rare that its like the mythical unicorn , it just doesn't exist ... God i hope im wrong , i hope to find her and have many years of enjoying life together , vacations etc..

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